Friday, May 21, 2010

Toothpaste and burns?

My younger just got burnt on her wrist.I put toothpaste on it.Will it help?How long should she have it on there?

Toothpaste and burns?
yes it really helps to cool the burn down and u won%26#039;t get a blister. make sure the toothpaste has a lot of fluoride the key ingredient to help burns.
Reply:what the....? No, wash it off, that won%26#039;t do any good, and could do more harm.
Reply:UMM, i dont think your suppose to do that, you know they have cremes for that....
Reply:It actually really does work. Someone suggested me to try it and I didn%26#039;t believe them at first.
Reply:y would u put toothpaste? i think u should ask ur mom and c wut she thinks!
Reply:Funny you should ask, this just happened to me a couple of weeks ago and I thought my wife was nuts when she put tooth paste and a bandaid on it. I left it on for 24 hours, and, I couldn%26#039;t believe how effective it was. I don%26#039;t know how, but it works!!
Reply:juice from green peppers or onion will take the pain away, the sting away and cure the swelling. within a day the burn will be on day 3 w/ these veggies.

use to use these all the time when in pizza biz and someone would burn themselves on the oven. sooner they are on the burn, the better they work.

Even a onion wedge held on it will help. Natural juices in both to cure burns. Can%26#039;t say I have heard of toothpaste. Neosporin will work as well.
Reply:Toothpaste does work on burns. But there is something that is even better than toothpaste..... Light soy sauce.

Apply light soy sauce to immediate burns and reduces the pain and u wont get blisters. No joke!

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